Residential Training


Currently Booking For: Private Training Only

Dogs in our Board & Train program reside in their trainer's home during their stay. They reside with the trainer's resident dogs, and thus, must be friendly/tolerant of other canines. Dogs should also be food motivated, in good health, and house trained (unless they are puppies or house training is the focus of their personalized program).

All Programs Include:

Daily Training Sessions

Trail Walks (Seasonally Dependent)

Yard Time (Fenced and Monitored)

Enrichment Play

Multiple Transfer Sessions

Custom Programs - 4, 6, or 8 Weeks ($2600/3600/4400)

You'll work with our team to determine the individualized program that will best suit the needs of your family!

Training Options:


Positions (Sit, Down, Stand)


Loose Leash/Polite Walking

Target the Mat (Go to Place)

Impulse Control/Leave-it

Polite Greetings


Muzzle Training

Wipe Your Paws

Face Handling

Grooming Training

Brushing, Nails, Ears

Off-Leash Training

Potty Training


Behavior Modification (I.e. jumping, reactivity, etc)

Please be aware that, like with all training, we will make every reasonable effort to help you achieve training and behavior modification goals but we can make no guarantee of your dog's performance or behavior as a result of providing services. All members of your household must follow given instructions without modification, work with dog daily as recommended once the dog returns home, and consistently reinforce training being given to your dog.

Scenes From Our Program