Pet Sitting Services


Simply put, pet sitting is defined as the act of caring for a pet in its own home while the owner is away. While boarding is a great option for some pet owners, pet sitting offers pets the ability to stay in their own home where they are most comfortable. Care is personalized to the specifications of the owner, and an animalís life is less interrupted as there is no travel for them! In addition, since pet sitting is charged by visits and time (not by the number of pets), families with multiple pets may see great cost savings! It also offers owners the convenience of being able to just pick up and go - once you're a client with Rogues and Rascals all you need do is call and you can be added to our schedule.

As pet sitters, we come to your home one or more times per day each day that you are gone in order to attend to your pets' needs. It's as simple as that.


All new pet sitting clients will receive a free 30-minute consultation before the beginning of their first pet sitting booking. New client paperwork will be emailed to you prior to this meeting and we ask that it be completed by our team memember's arrival. During the consultation, we will go over the needs of your pets and do a walkthrough so that we are aware of the locations pertinent to our visits. New clients are required to make a payment of 100% of their total or estimated service amount at this time. If clients require an additional consult, beyond this initial meeting, there will be a fee equal to the amount of one of their standard pet sitting visits.

Please note, bookings are subject to availability and new clients require a lead time of at least two weeks to assure that all paperwork, consults, and payments are completed prior to the first booking.

These are just some of the basic services that are automatically covered: Feeding, Watering, Exercising, Playtime, Litter Box Cleaning, Fish Feeding, Medicating, and Mess Cleanup

Pet sitting also includes mail and newspaper retrieval, plant watering (may incur extra charges if excessive), bird feeding, turning on/off lights, and other household needs as required (as long as completion of these tasks falls within the time limit of your visit).


Fees cover an unlimited number of pets. Our team will help determine what the appropriate visit length is for your family.

Standard Visits
$25 - up to 30 minutes.
A minimum of three visits a day is required for all dogs.

Extended Visits
$40 - up to 60 minutes.
If you'd like your pet(s) to have extra playtime, or you have additional services that will run over our standard visit time, this is the perfect option for you!

Unscheduled Additional Time (up to 30 minutes)
$20 - up to 30 minutes.
Most visits can be completed within the time allotted but if yours takes longer and the time is not prescheduled as an extended visit the extra amount will be added to your final bill.


Due to demand, there is an extra charge for holiday services at the rate of $5.00 per visit on each of the days listed.

Holidays include: Easter Sunday, Mother's Day, Memorial Day Weekend (Fri-Mon), 4th of July (if midweek), 4th of July Weekend (Fri-Sun), Labor Day Weekend (Fri-Mon), Thanksgiving Weekend (Thur-Sun), December 23-26, New Years Eve, and New Years Day.


Our service area includes Cambridge, Harris, Isanti, North Branch, Stacy, and surrounding areas. Due to the rural nature of our service area we do charge a travel fee to some locations. If you are more than 10 miles away from our home location in North Branch Township the travel fee is $1.00 per mile over 10 (as determined by GPS).

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