Behavioral Consults and Private Dog Training


All of our private training starts with a consultation. Depending on your needs this can be done in person or virtually, at your home or in our training space at 807 Main Street N. Cambridge, MN. During this consultation the trainer will discuss your family's needs, observe you and your family with your dog(s), and give some specific tasks to get you started. At the end of the consultation the trainer will discuss options for moving forward that may include more private training sessions, class recommendations, referrals, or recommendations for veterinary specialists. We will also try to answer any questions you might have about your dog’s behavior. We want you to be confident in the direction your training plan takes you!

Some behaviors we can help you with include door dashing, reactivity, housetraining, barking, jumping, and more. We also offer consultation services to get your started with your new puppy or adult dog!

To schedule a behavioral consultation with one of our trainers contact us using the button below and we will call to schedule. Once your appointment is scheduled you will receive a history form to fill out and an invoice for payment. The cost of a behavioral consultation is $150, and generally runs about 1.5 hours. All appointments must be paid for in advance.

Private Training Sessions

Private training sessions are available after your consultation for a fee of $120 per hour. During these sessions we will work on training your dog using the training plan devised during your Behavior Consultation. These are generally 1-hour sessions that can be held in your location, our location, or somewhere else that is deemed important to the training plan (within our service area).

Private Training Packages

Some training plans require multiple sessions to complete. If your plan includes more than one follow-up session, your plan will include the number of sessions we think will be required along with an upfront package price for all of them. Additional sessions beyond the package can also be purchased.


Our service area includes Isanti, Chisago and surrounding areas. Due to the rural nature of our service area we do charge a mileage fee for travel to some locations. If you are more than 25 miles away from our home location in North Branch township (which lies between North Branch, Isanti, and Cambridge) the mileage charge is $1.00 per additional mile (as determined by GPS).