What Should I Bring To Class?

Be Prepared for Class!

  • Bring a hungry, or mildly hungry, dog. Avoid feeding your dog the meal that falls directly before class. Ideally, your pup will have not eaten for at least 6 hours before their class.

  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Our floors are concrete and we want you to be comfortable moving around and working with your dog.

  • Bring a variety of small training treats that your dog loves! Make sure to bring a variety, and a lot of them! You will go through a lot of reinforcers during class. In addition to treats, you can also bring your dog's kibble/dinner.

  • Make sure your dog is wearing a plain buckle collar, martingale collar, Gentle Leader, or approved harness. If you have a hard time controlling your dog to and from the car, make sure to contact us before class so we can make the best arrangements to help you.

  • Have your dog on a 6-foot training leash. Leather, nylon, or cotton work great - whatever you are most comfortable with. NO retractable leashes please.

  • Your dog's vaccination records! If you haven't been able to email them, make sure to bring your pup's vaccination records with you on your first night of class!

  • And, don't forget your clicker! Note: If it's your first night of class you will be given a clicker when you arrive!

Handling The Leash, Clicker, and Treats