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Currently, all of our classes are held in Cambridge, MN!


807 North Main Street
Cambridge, MN 55008

Cambridge classes are held in our space at East Central Veterinarians.

Online registration for these classes is available below. Check out our calendar for our current schedule!

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In our Levels classes, you'll have the ability to move at your own pace, and with classes three days a week, you'll be able to attend the classes that fit your availability. While the goal for the Levels Program is to successfully pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test, each individual level focuses on the building blocks for those behaviors. Early on, you'll learn how get your dog's attention, how to add new behavior cues as well as strengthen old ones, practice multiple methods to teach your dog that sitting when greeting people is a preferred behavior, and much more!

Our training packages are simple. After you attend your Orientation (attended without your dog), you begin at Level One. Your 8-week pass is $125 and you can attend as many classes a week as you are able to. When you graduate out of Level One during your pass period you then start attending Level Two classes at no additional fee. Once your pass period ends, you can simply purchase another pass to continue without need to attend another Orientation. We encourage our students to work through to Level Five, but ultimately, how far you go is up to you!

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Puppy S.T.E.P.s stands for Socialization, Training, and Enrichment for Puppies and is designed for all families of new puppies. In this class we define socialization, training, and enrichment and what they mean to your puppy's education. Your puppy will get a chance to play a little, start training with basic behaviors like "come" and settling for brushing and nail trims, and try out many kinds of enriching activities that you can also do at home.

Puppies under 16 weeks of age (on the date that they start) are invited to join us in this class. Puppies must be vaccinated according to their veterinarian's recommendations.

Cambridge Puppy STEPs classes are round-robin, meaning you can start as soon as your schedule allows and go for any 4 consecutive weeks. Orientation is not required for Puppy STEPs, just show up!

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Trick Dogs

Here's a way to come and have fun and earn a title for your dog, too! In this class we learn tricks that count towards your Trick Dog titles for both AKC and Do More With Your Dog. We will teach you how to train the tricks and help you complete your titles! Come, take a break from serious training and have some fun!

The cost of this open enrollment class is 4 sessions for $50. Or $15 for a single session!

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