Our Favorite Links (in alphabetical order)

The Animal Humane Society

The largest humane organization in the midwest has just merged with two other local humane organizations. The Animal Humane Society, the Humane Society for Companion Animals and the Greater West Metro Humane Society are now one organization. Check here for information on this organization as well as adoption information and a terrific behavior library.

Association of Pet Dog Trainers

APDT is the premier trade organization for dog training professionals. Holding annual conferences to let dog trainers advance their skills and learn is just one of their many pluses. Does your dog trainer belong? (Check their trainer search!)

Canine Horizons Tricks

Canine Horizons is a great site with information on clicker training and lots of great clips on dog tricks you, yes you, can teach your dog using the clicker method! The linked page is for some great tricks performed by some pretty awesome standard Poodles but they have lots of other stuff too. check it out!

Clean Run Productions

Clean Run started as a website for agility enthusiasts and their magazine covers all aspects of agility training. However, they also have all sorts of great gear for trainers in all disciplines. I highly recommend you check them out!

The Clicker Center

This is the website of Alexandra Kurland, premier horse clicker. Check her website for lots of great information including a step by step training guide for getting started with your horse.

Clicker Expo

This fantastic conference is a chance to learn from some of the top trainers in the world. If you enjoy a challenge and want to learn cutting edge training methods from the people who developed them, you need to attend the Clicker Expo! Check their website for dates and locations.

Clicker Solutions

Looking for articles on specfic training problems? Try the Clicker Solutions archives. You'll find articles written by some of the best dog trainers in the world!


This is a great website with lots of information for beginners throught advanced trainers. It is put together by Karen Pryor, a dolphin trainer who helped pioneer clicker training for dogs. Check out their clicker training library!

Clicker Train USA

The owner of www.clickertrainusa.com lives in Israel! This is his website. It is full of information, check it out!

Dog Food Analysis.com

Many of us scratch our heads when trying to decide if a heavily advertised food is really as good as they say. Here's a website that wades through those long ingredient lists and gets down to the nitty gritty. Great reviews of many, many different dog foods. Their 1-5 star ratings are easily searchable so you don't have to wade through them all to find the food you are considering.


If you're looking for training books and materials I recommend Dogwise.com. They have the most exhaustive list of great dog training books on the web!

Learning About Dogs

This UK website is chock full of information from one of the most inventive clicker trainers I know, Kay Laurence. This website hasIncluded in this website is a link to her magazine, Teaching Dogs. It is a great magzine full of great articles each month. Kay is also the one who started the Competency Assessment Testing for clicker trainers!

The Original Dog Whisperer

Paul Owens is the author of the The Dog Whisperer (co-author Norma Eckroate, Adams Media, September 1999). His approach is dog training of a true "whisperer" kind. His website has some great articles on dogs including Top Ten Tips for Successful Training and The Dominance Myth in Dog Training! NOTE: They are not affiliated with The Dog Whisperer series on National Geographic Television. Their book predates the NGT series that began in 2004 and the training methods and philosophies are quite different. The Original Dog Whisperer teaches only positive, nonviolent dog “whispering.”

Kikopup on Youtube!

This is the youtube channel of the talented dog trainer, Emily Larlham. The training videos she has made are some of the best on youtube and include such topics as walking on leash, dealing with a reactive dog, leave it, tricks, and much more. Wondering how to accomplish something? Emily probably has a video to show you how!


SitStay is a webstore for dog lovers. From training gear to books to gift items you will find it at Sit Stay! Check out their fun stuff, too!

Society of Veterinary Behavior Technicians

This page has links to some very well written articles by leaders in the behavior field concerning the techniques used by Cesar Milan on his National Geographic Channel show The Dog Whisperer. If you are wondering about the show these articles will help to clarify what experts in the field of behavior are saying about it.

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