Dog Walking Services

Dog Walking

You no longer have to feel guilty leaving your dog home alone all day. Rogues and Rascals now offers dog walking services to get your dog out of the house even when you can't.

There are many dogs who for whatever reason cannot be left home alone for long periods of time. Some just can't "hold it" for long hours. Others are too active and get into trouble. Some just have owners that work very long days. Rather than coming home to whatever mess your dog left you today, you can come home to your house just the way you left it just by hiring a dog walker to come exercise your dog during the day.

Whether you have a young puppy who is too young to hold it, a young exuberant dog who needs more exercise, or any dog who could benefit from a walk and some stimulation to break up the day, we can fill your dogs needs.


We will come to your house, check on your dog, and take him or her for exercise. It's just that simple. If you desire, we can also leash train your dog during that time. We can also walk multiple dogs as long as they are trained to walk on leash. If they cannot be walked together the time can be divided up or simply extended. See fee schedule for training and multiple dog options.

All new dog-walking clients will receive one free 30-minute consultation before the beginning of their dog's first walk. During this first session we will go over all your needs, fill out the necessary forms, talk about equipment, and book you into the schedule. New daily clients are required to make a deposit equal to the first 2 weeks of dog walking. After that, we will invoice you in advance each month based on scheduled services. Occasional walks are billed at the time of service.

If your dog needs a break during the day, call us to see if our professional dog walking is the right choice for you.

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