Dog Training


Dog training classes allow you and your dog to learn together. Our *NEW* Levels Classes are being rolled out in out Cambridge location and are designed to offer greater flexibility to fit your busy schedule and get your dog ready to be a Canine Good Citizen. Our standard Basic Manners classes are still offered in North Branch and get you started learning basic communication for your dog.

Online registration for Cambridge classes as well as more information on these and other classes we offer at various times throughout the year, like Trick Titling, Canine Good Citizen, and Therapy Dog classes, can be found here.


Tackling specific behavior problems? Classes don't fit your schedule? We also offer training in your home for basic training or specific behavior problems. At-home training is tailored to your needs so we only cover your specific concerns.

You begin by scheduling a visit at a time when all or most of your family can be there. Then we come to your home and spend time discussing your needs, observing you and your family with your pets, and making recommendations.

After your initial visit you will receive a detailed write-up of the session complete with my observations and the recommendations. Phone support is also available at no charge for 60 days.

Consultations are available at various times throughout the week, days and evenings. There is no age requirement for your pets; we work with young puppies as well as older dogs.

The cost of this behavioral consultation session is $80.00 as a stand-alone appointment and generally runs between 1 - 1.5 hours. Our recommendations may consist of either Day Training or Coaching depending on your needs. If you buy a package at your consultation appointment the price of the consult is rolled into your package price.


No time to train your dog? If daily training is more than you can manage, consider this program where we come to your house while you are working and train your dog for you. Day training is great for teaching basic behaviors such as walking on a leash, and doubles as enrichment so your dog is more relaxed when you come home from a long day. Day training programs are generally limited in scope to 3 or 4 needed behaviors, chosen by you before we begin. Programs include training for your dog 3x per week and weekly classes for you with your dog so we can keep you up to speed on progress and show you how to use the things your dog has learned. Phone support is also available at no charge for 60 days. Recommendations may be for 3, 4, or 5 weeks depending on the amount of training you are requesting.

Training sessions are done by us during the day, generally on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Owner transfer sessions are available Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. There is no age requirement for your pets; we work with young puppies as well as older dogs.

The cost of day training packages includes 3 training sessions and one transfer session (4 sessions total per week) and starts at $840 for 3 weeks of training. This package includes initial consultation, 3 training sessions per week, 1 owner attended session per week, and 2 after care sessions.


Private Coaching packages work great for people who have the time to train their dog. We will show you how to get the results you want when classes just donít fit their needs. Private Coaching does require you to commit to training your dog between sessions in order to get results

Coaching is personalized to help you with specific needs or for behavior modification. This package is precisely tailored to you and your dog and has two options. Our 5-session plan includes your initial consult where your needs are discussed and we choose the behaviors to work on. After each session you will get a personalized write-up outlining the session and your homework for the next week. The cost of this package is $350.00. These lessons do require you to commit to training your dog between sessions.

If you have greater needs and want a more economical plan, our next plan offers our best economy. At $520 you get 8 sessions of classes tailored to your requirements and scheduled to meet your needs. You will also get the personalized writeups after each session. As with the other Coaching Package, these lessons do require you to commit to training your dog between sessions.

Scheduling of all our private lesson packages is very flexible and can be done almost any time of day and in an agreed upon location.


Our service area includes Isanti, Chisago and surrounding areas. Due to the rural nature of our service area we do charge a mileage fee for travel to some locations. If you are more than 25 miles away from our home location in North Branch township (which lies between North Branch, Isanti, and Cambridge) the mileage charge is $1.00 per additional mile (as determined by GPS).

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